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Wheel Horse 119440, 103480

Product Code: Wheel Horse 119440, 103480
Availability: 17
Dimensions: 0.00in x 0.00in x 0.00in
Tags: Clutch , PTO , Switch , 119440 , 103480
MPN: 119440, 103480
Location: WHS-KY

Price: $19.99

Wheel Horse 119440, 103480 Clutch - PTO Switch.  These switches have been discontinued by Toro for many years  These switches were used in a lot of places for different applications, some for starter safety and some for PTO engagement.  Some had normally open contacts, some normally closed, and on rare occasion some used both with all 3 connectors used.  The dimensions were the same on all of them.  Although the most popular was the standard clutch switch, (119440) this switch is made to serve all purposes so we are able to have a 1 size fits all part making things easier and keeping cost down.

The terminals are the same size as the original so the factory connectors will work.  If using as a 2 wire clutch switch (most common) hook to the Com (right terminal) and No (center terminal) as viewing the switch with the plunger facing up. If you need help you are welcome to call us and we will help you over the phone.


Wheel Horse 119440, 103480 Clutch - PTO Switch.  Made in USA.

Price includes 1 - Wheel Horse 119440, 103480 Clutch - PTO Switch.



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