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Wheel Horse 113193-R Hydro Temp Switch

Product Code: 113193-R Temp Switch
Availability: 2
Dimensions: 0.00in x 0.00in x 0.00in
MPN: Wheel Horse 113193-R Hydro Temp Switch
Location: WHS-KY

Price: $23.99

Wheel Horse 113193-R Replacement Hydro Temp Switch.  The original part is no longer available, this is an upgrade from the original part but still works electrically like the original.  If you have a bad switch, or a switch leaking from the terminal or outside plastic to brass seam this one will stop it for good. 

Most of them we replace still work fine but are replaced because they leak at the terminal.  The housing on this one is totally machined brass and the switch electronics are put in from the top instead of top and bottom.  It will never let fluid through the switch to the outside.

When installing it do a test fit first.  The taper on these are usually not as flared as normal pipe thread so you can use the sealer of your choice.  We usually use 7-8 wraps of a good teflon tape on them.


Wheel Horse 113193 Replacement Hydro Temp Switch. - Made in USA

Price includes 1 - Wheel Horse 113193 Replacement Hydro Temp Switch.

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